European Stroke Journal

Dear members of the ESO, 

At this time you should have received the 1st printed copy of the European Stroke Journal, and the 2nd issue (just released on line at the journal website) is soon to arrive at your desks. The journal has had a good start, but we need your continual support to develop the journal further: please continue to support the ESJ by submitting your best science to the journal. We welcome original research articles, reviews, guidelines, and clinical trial protocols – and, from  all the wonderful work presented at the Barcelona ESOC, we know there is a lot of high quality research waiting to be submitted and to be published.  By actively supporting the ESJ, you support the development of stroke science in Europe.

We look forward receiving submissions from you in the near future!

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Bo Norrving, editor-in-chief, and Didier Leys, vice editor, the European Stroke Journal