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About ESO-EAST Project


The aim of this ESO project is to offer a 5-year collaboration with selected physicians from Eastern European countries, in order to optimise and implement Stroke Care best practices in their countries and to start a mutual and fruitful collaboration.

How to achieve this collaboration?

ESO, supported by independent and unrestricted educational grants from EVER Pharma and Boehringer Ingelheim, will organise a pre-conference whole day workshop before the annual European Stroke Conference (ESOC) in each year from 2015 to 2019.

During the 5-year period, the Stroke Unit Certification committee will be actively involved to create support for the participants in advancing their Stroke Services

The long term goal of the project is development of 2 types of educational plan. This should include education on stroke treatment, diagnosis and prevention. However, education on research methodology (design, statistics, ethics etc.) is critically important because improvement of stroke management should be evidence based. Education is expected to be conducted in 2 phases. First phase is to provide education to selected KOL experts in each country (if needed). Education will be guaranteed by ESO and will be in English. The second step is the application of knowledge to nation-wide program. Most likely, such education will have to be conducted in Russian or country specific language.


The ESO's major objective is to improve and optimise the management of stroke in Europe, including the provision of medical education to healthcare professionals and the lay public in Europe, and offering best practice approaches.

ESO projects are targeted to achieve the following purposes:

  • To promote awareness, management, teaching and research in all aspects of stroke;
  • To develop and promote public policies to reduce the number of deaths by stroke and to improve the care of stroke victims and the quality of life of stroke victims.
  • To reduce the global burden of stroke throughout Europe
  • To develop and promote professional and public education;
  • To develop and promote other appropriate activities such as fundraising and prevention programs;
  • To develop, promote, and coordinate international teaching programs through national/regional organisations;
  • To advise and guide on fundraising skills in order to enable national foundations and societies to finance a greater level and range of activities;
  • To foster the development of an international communications system by encouraging the regional activities of organisations, stroke networks, foundations as they operate within the goals and objectives of the organisation.

In April 2015, the first meeting of ESO EAST collaborators took place at the ESOC in Glasgow.