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(Nursing) Education


The goals of this initiative include enhancing nursing care expertise and creating opportunities for further Stroke Unit nurse training in ESO EAST countries. A pilot program for nurses is to begin in 2016.

The content of the course

  1. Introduction and Learning Theories
    a) Personal learning management
    b) Evidence-based medicine and the scientific method
  2. Medical treatment of stroke patients
  3. Process Management
  4. Neurocritical Care
    a) Recognition of emergencies
    b) Neurological disorders
    c) Respiratory disorders
    d) Cardiac disorders
    e) Fever and metabolic disorders
    f) Transfer of the critically ill patients
  5. Care and Therapeutic Basics
    a) Basal (Sensory) stimulation
    b) Nursing process and nursing diagnosis
    c) Introduction to nursing research
    d) Bobath concept
  6. Therapeutic Approaches
    a) Nutritional support
    b) Speech and language therapy
    c) Early-phase physiotherapy
    d) Occupational therapy
  7. Quality Management
  8. Evidence-based Nursing