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Fellow of the ESO

Are you qualified for Fellow Member status?

Fellows are selected by

  1. scientific quality
  2. commitment to the ESO

The minimum requirements for ESO Fellow membership are:


  1. At least five publications on stroke or cerebrovascular diseases in international journals with peer-review with an impact factor > 2
    (no matter if he is 1st, 2nd or n order author)
  2. Evidence of active and sustained support for European Stroke Organisation Conferences. Please submit publication records and list of conference activities.
  3. Letters of support from at least two Fellows (please find the Fellow member list here); and

B   Willingness to work for ESO either in

  1. Committees
  2. ESOC teaching course (provide topics of expertise)
  3. ESO Summer or Winter School (provide topics of expertise)
  4. The country of origin or where working as ESO "ambassador"
    (only applies if the applicant has currently any role or is a member of a stroke society, or other official, professional or lay organisation related to stroke/CVD). (Please provide a letter covering your planned commitment).

Please send the letters of support and the Fellow questionnaire to