Membership fee reductions

Low-Income and Lower-Middle-Income Countries

For members residing in a country designated by the World Bank rating as a low-income or a lower-middle-income economy, the dues for membership will be reduced to 25 EUR per year for a regular membership and to 50 EUR per year for a Fellow membership of the ESO.
Organisational members from low-income and lower-middle-income economies will be offered a free of charge first year of membership. From the second year on the membership fee will be 250 EUR per year. Please click here to view a list of low-income or lower-middle-income economies.

Organisations associated with ESO

Applicants who are members of an organisation that itself is member of the ESO are eligible to receive a reduction of 50 EUR on the individual membership fee. Please click here to view a list of national stroke organisations who are members of ESO.

Regular ESO/WSO joint membership

As an active member of the ESO you can automatically become a member of the WSO for only additional 35 EUR per year. Please see the membership application form for more information.

Junior members

Junior members who are not older than 35 years must fulfill one of the following criteria:
- participation in the last ESOC (please send us a confirmation of attendance)
- participation in an ESO Summer School or Winter School (please send us a confirmation of attendance)
- European Master in Stroke Medicine (office will confirm if needed)